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Prairie Breeze

Pony Club Riding Centre

Prairie Breeze Stables became a certified Pony Club Riding Centre in January of 2016. Organized and ran by Marilyn Palmer, owner of Prairie Breeze Stables. Pony Club gives kids who want to learn more about riding and caring for horses and ponies the opportunity. 

As the only Pony Club Riding Centre active in Manitoba. Prairie Breeze is able to provide the same learning opportunities as other Pony Clubs without its members having to own their own horses or ponies. 

Members participate in many activities through out the year, including Quiz, Rally's, Competition, Lessons, and Testing. All members start at an E level, and work through a series of levels (D, D1, D2, C, C1, C2, B, B2, HA, RA, and A) which covers everything from tack maintenance, feeding, stable management, biology and riding. 

For More information please contact Prairie Breeze Stables at                     



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