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Our Horses


Emma is one our go to horses for the lesson program. She has taught students in the learn to ride program all the way to jumping. Breed: Paint Cross Age: 10 Height: 14.2 hh


Dom sadly passed away in October 2021. He is still a star in our program and is missed everyday! Dom is one of our foundation lesson horses. He is a babysitter for our learn to ride students, and teaches patience to our more advanced riders. He is also one of our learn to jump horses. Breed: Paint Cross Age: 17 years old Height: 15 hh


Although he is tall he is a baby sitter in the learn to ride program. His calm nature makes him a favourite for kids. Staff affectionately call him Eeyore, and he is the perfect for for nervous riders. Breed: Quarter Horse Age: 8 years old Height: 15.2 hh


Star came to our program 2 years ago, and has proven to be an excellent intermediate pony. She currently being used in our advanced program, teaching riders in the learn to jump course. Breed: Quarter Horse Age: 6 years old Height: 14.2 hh


Kodi is one of the newest ponies to our program. He is super mellow and just a cool little guy. Breed: Welsh Cross Age: 5 Height: 11 hh


Thor is one of our older ponies and has been in our program for many years. He is great at teaching the kids how to ride! Breed: Shetland Age: 25-ish Height: 10 hh


Zip is a new horse in our program but don't let his age fool you. Some days he has the energy of a 2 year old but it a safe mount to put any learner on! Breed: Anglo-Arab Age: 25-ish Height: 15.1 hh


Promise is one of our ponies and he likes to go fast and play games! He has just started jumping and is one of our advanced rider ponies. Breed: Welsh Cross Age: 10 years Height: 12 hh


Kitt came to us from the Rocking W sale in Brandon and has been a welcome addition to our herd. He is one of our jumping ponies and is great for anyone of any level to ride. Breed: Welsh Cross Age: 10 years Height: 13.1 hh


Nugget crossed the rainbow bridge during the winter of 2021. He is sadly missed by all of us, and especially his kids. Nugget is one of the ponies used in the Pony Adventure program. He is great with little kids and loves treats! Breed: Mini Age: 20 years Height: 34"


Nemo is one of our newest ponies in the program. She is currently in training and used in our advanced program. She is quick, and agile, but honest for her rider. Breed: Quarter Pony Age: 4 years old Height: 13.3 hh


Kole is one of our new horses. He has training in both Dressage and Jumping and is used by our more advanced riders. Breed: Paint Age: 10 years Height: 15.3 hh


Leo is one of our older horses in the riding school. He likes his rider to be confident and his best friends are the ponies! Breed: Appaloosa Cross Age: 20 years Height: 15. 0 hh


Daisy is one of our advanced ponies. She loves to jump and can jump big. Breed: Welsh Cross Age: 12 years Height: 13 hh


Freya is one of the horses Marilyn raised from a foal. She is just learning how to jump but is a great horse to learn to ride on. Breed: Quarter Horse/Belgian Cross Age: 12 years Height: 15.3 hh


Gone but not forgotten! Jay passed away in the fall of 2018. He is sorely missed and is held close in the hearts of all the kids and adults that new him! Although Jay has retired from the riding program, he is used now for our stable management lessons, teaching grooming, bandaging, braiding, and paint a pony. Even though he has a feisty nature he adores the attention of children. Breed: Arabian Cross Age: 20 years old Height: 14.3 hh

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