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2014 marked the first year of the Prairie Breeze Stables Quadrille Team. Quadrille is a choreographed dressage ride, commonly performed to music, which is often compared to an equestrian ballet or to a drill team. A minimum of four horses are used, although many times more (always in pairs), which perform movements together.


Practices are usually held on Monday evenings, with extra practices being held as needed throughout the year. All are welcome to attend (we welcome riders in both western and english disciplines), although rider ability is taken into account, as practices are long and riders and mounts must be able to trot all school movements.


Last year's team consisted of 10 riders from all walks of life, and their hard work paid off with the opportunity to perform at Horse3 held at the Keystone Centre at the beginning of May 2015.


Our hope for the future is to have enough interest to have both a Junior and a Senior team. Any one interested in joining our quadrille team please contact Marilyn Palmer by email or phone.

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